• From design to deployment, B O R G 5 manage technical telecoms project resourcing and demands.

  • Building teams who build networks, B O R G 5 put the design, skills and engineering in place to get technical projects deployed.

  • B O R G 5 get technical teams skilled for new challenges

  • Deploying technical telecoms projects and teams B O R G 5

  • On-site, Off-site or Offshore, B O R G 5 deploy technical project teams at all stages in the technical project lifecycle


About Borg5

BORG5 provide engineering, technical project management and multi-level support resources needed for telecoms projects. Based on over thirty years of experience in telecoms engineering, skilling and project management, BORG5 deploy competent teams into a range of telecoms projects demanding the highest standard of engineering practices. From the outset we offer a collaborative and realistic approach with the aim to help you meet technical project deliverables, set by you, when you want them. We offer the option to work within your existing project team, as an add-on to existing team structure or as a complete separate delivery organisation.

Most important of all we integrate with your organisation – how, where and when you want us. By being vendor agnostic, we can work with existing or developed procedures within highly specific network or technology specifications to get your technical project designed, skilled and delivered within designated objectives. With experience including design documentation, skills uplift programs, site integration, national firmware uplift, seamless capacity extension, optimisation programs and surveillance monitoring in national multi vendor networks, BORG5 provide technical project delivery across many telecoms technology environments.