Putting your plans and resources into practice can be the most difficult part of any technical project. Co-ordination of many different components need to be mobilised, managed and reports produced to give to the control and confidence the project is progressing as planned.

Technical project delivery is a speciality of the BORG5 service suite. Working with your existing teams, our in-house delivery team or a combination of both, we have a proven record of delivering many complex and more straightforward projects into live network environments.

Using agreed Method of Procedures and Work Instructions, BORG5 use workflow processes to show progress, problems and completion status at all stages of delivery. Where required we can adopt highly secure, safe and stringent work practices to meet specific demands to give the assurances you need on any delivery activity.

Delivery and Deployment

Process and Procedure – by simplifying process and detailing procedure BORG5 is able to communicate the workflow you want to manage while our detailed approach to process ensures that teams and everyone within them are aware of what is required at each step in deployment.

Tracking  – Workflow progress of the asset to be delivered is logged and progress tracked at key points. Besides it’s use for reporting, it also gives the engineering team a disciplined approach to the process.

Change Control – Communicating and collaborating with change control teams is a vital pre-requisite for any deployment. Our in-house delivery team will ensure continuous communication with any existing change control procedure you need to be able to get the job done.

Surveillance  – Any change to a network resource has the potential to cause further impact to normal operations. If requested, we are able to maintain vigilance over agreed hardware or system parameters related to the deployment we completed.

Performance Monitoring – Historic and more recent analysis of detailed network performance helps ensure the right problems are fixed and provides details of the impact of any changes to hardware or system configuration.

Reporting – We are able to put in place direct or ad hoc reporting to allow you maintain the confidence and progress being made on your network.