Technical skills and competence are possibly the most underestimated yet critical part of technical telecoms projects. Reliance on CV’s, self administered skills matrix, off the shelf training courses typically form the beginning of where the problems begin. BORG5 believe technical projects should focus on building the right level of skills aimed toward competence levels essential to the technical delivery team. Skilling technical teams needs to be planned, managed and maintained.

BORG5 have the highest level of experience in determining what skills are needed and competencies essential to smooth deployment of deliverables. By understanding the starting and desired skill set for your technical project, BORG5 put knowledge and competency management programs in place to give the technical teams the confidence needed throughout the project life cycle. By adopting a range of learning and knowledge management techniques, each member of the technical team will gain and maintain the competency needed to meet project goals.

Specifying Skills

Skills The highest level of technical knowledge definition required by the technical team. With or without underpinning qualifications, skills tend to be generalised and based on technology, equipment or service group. Skills can be difficult to grade and often rely on self determination by the individual.

Competency – The combination and demonstration of the required knowledge and practical ability to complete a project task.  Competencies must be highly relevant to your technical project and form the basis in the confidence you have in a deployment team.

Qualification – Normally achieved in a formal learning environment and should be rigorously assessed before involvement with your project, qualifications form the foundation of the skills and competency you need.

Assessment – Evaluating and measuring the ability of your team to perform the tasks required forms a key part in the BORG5 approach.  Assessment must give every one involved the confidence the competency in a specific task or tasks relevant to the project in hand.

Skills Set – The collection of skills required for a project, often generalised and based on one or more technologies, products or service envisaged at the outset as a requirement for a project. Since skill sets often become the basis for recruitment or assignment to a team it is vital they are carefully aligned with project objectives.

Skills Management – Like any project response, skills must be monitored for their relevance throughout the project. BORG5 Skills Management can be used where skills and competency definition is needed early in the project life cycle. Alternatively, Skills Management might be considered later in a project where the skills of an existing team may need to be reviewed or refreshed to reflect changes in scope.

Technical Deliverables – Working in conjunction with overall deliverables, Technical Deliverable statements are used to form the basis of skills and competency requirements for technical teams providing resources to the project.