National Transmission Network Upgrade

Upgrading over 3500 equipments, each requiring between 3 & 5 individual upgrade steps is in itself a major project.  When this is combined with determining impact to network operation and planning to minimise customer services downtime,  it becomes a significant challenge.  Working closely with existing network operations and change control teams, BORG5 were able to skill our own on and off-site teams to deliver this project.  Using a detailed Method of Procedure and Tracker, Project reporting and analysis became (almost) real-time, giving our customer confidence on progress and scheduling.

Key points with this featured project were

  • National Network
  • 3500 SDH & 500 Ethernet Equipment
  • 3-5 upgrade steps per equipment
  • Day and night time scheduling
  • Change Control and Fault Reporting with existing customer teams

Inventory Management System Data Load

Developing an Inventory Management system for your network environment is the beginning toward a useable working model for future maintenance and development. Realising they were unable to meet a key project milestone, we were contacted to help determine data to be loaded into many different platforms prior to their subsequent integration.  The project required a high degree of initial skills transfer to ensure complex customer specifications were met for many different network service types. Delivered Off-shore, our team also had regular on-site presence to ensure initial deployment was accurate and that quality was maintained through to project completion.  The project was completed 6 months ahead of schedule, to budget and with an increased level of quality in data entered.

Key points with this featured project were

  • High specification customer requirements
  • Fixed costs agreed prior to commencement
  • Diverse technology & Multi platform input needed
  • Quick and accurate up-skilling required
  • Off-shore and on-site delivery team
  • Completed ahead of schedule and within budget

Site Integration and Handover

Synchronisation Analysis

Design Services

Competency Workshops